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Roberto Scozzari

Robert Scozzari: Graphic Designer & Visual Artist

Hi, I’m Robert Scozzari. Welcome to ArtsyDesigny, my visual art sanctuary distinct from my client-focused design work at Inspiring Design Co. If you're here for graphic design or a new website, head over to inspiringdesign.ca. But if it's a splash of bold, emotive art you're seeking, you're exactly where you need to be.


My art is a blend of pop art and abstract expressionism, sometimes merging the two in unexpected ways. Why? It just happens, and I embrace the spontaneity of it. My mediums? They vary. Digital, acrylics, oils, mixed media, photography - sometimes individually, sometimes a fusion of several. Yes, it's as eclectic and exciting as it sounds.


I've been an artist since those childhood days of drawing racing cars destined for fiery, cliff-jumping fates (cool, right?). Influenced by icons like Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns, and Saul Bass, and inspired by movements from 1970s punk-rock gig-posters to Bauhaus (the art school, though the band's great too), my work is a colourful tapestry of my experiences and inspirations.


Not Too Cool for School


After acing (at least in my opinion) high school art – I dived into foundation arts at Dundas Valley School of Art and a 3-year Graphic Design program at George Brown College. Post-college, two decades of serving clients made me realize something vital: I needed to return to making art for myself. It was a call I couldn't ignore.


My Philosophy:


My philosophy? Create art that I'd love, buy, or be inspired by. Why limit myself to one style or method when there's a universe of artistic avenues to explore? Look closely, and you'll see common threads in my works: bold colors, graphic shapes, and a penchant for asymmetry. My 25+ years as a graphic designer often shine through too.


My Goal With My Art:


My goal with my art? To demonstrate that art can convey profound emotions through abstraction and to remind everyone that rediscovering passion, especially in your 40s, is not just possible but can be incredibly fun. That’s ArtsyDesigny: a place where art speaks volumes without saying too much and where every creation is a piece of me.